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Running on 4G via the internal SIM card, the Arlo Go camera is a security camera that works when others can not. It is therefore ideal for use on an outbuilding, a caravan, a camper or even a boat. It’s powerful and easy to set up, and the 720p resolution is pretty good during the day, although the video is soft to the touch at night. It’s frustrating that there is no Wi-Fi option to use near a decent wireless network, and the price is a bit high; Nevertheless, if you need security coverage wherever you are, the Arlo Go does a great job.


  • Works virtually anywhere
  • Excellent control of when the camera can record
  • Option to upgrade to cloud activity zones

Key specifications

  • Price of the examination: $398.99
  • Indoor / outdoor 4G camera
  • 90 x 70 x 78mm
  • 720p resolution
  • 130 degree field of view
  • Cloud, microSD card recording
  • Night vision
  • Battery powered
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa Support

Most wireless security cameras must be within range of your wireless network to operate, which is great for the home, but what about when you are out of range and want to monitor your car , your caravan, your tent or your addiction? This is where the Arlo Go comes in, with its built-in LTE network connection that gives you the ability to monitor whenever you receive a signal.

This flexible approach to security means you can take your camera anywhere, by installing it indoors or out, but the high price and the need for it. 39; a 4G subscription make it a niche choice.

Arlo Go – What you need to know

  • Installation: Insert a data SIM card and place the camera where you want and you can go, although it would be better if you could at least configure the device via Wi-Fi. A flexible housing that can be screwed to a wall is provided in the box.
  • Detection performance: A PIR sensor is used to detect motion, although you can connect the camera if you want appropriate activity areas. For battery-powered mode, there are optional cloud activity zones to reduce the number of notifications you receive.
  • Quality of image: The 720p resolution is good enough to see what happens. The picture quality is better during the day and a little sweet at night.

The Arlo Go has a free cloud storage, although you still have to pay for the 4G.

In the UK, the Arlo Go can be purchased as a stand-alone camera in which you provide your own data SIM card, or you can buy it via Vodafone, paying £ 4 per months for a data subscription. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but if you plan to use the camera more punctually, for example, protecting a caravan or a boat when you are on vacation, you might be better off buying a dispatch system. Complete your SIM card when you need it: Arlo indicates that the camera uses about 1GB of data per month.

Configuring the camera means using the Arlo application, which is also used to control other cameras in the range, including the 4K Arlo Ultra. For the Arlo Go to be plugged in, you need to install a data SIM card because this model does not have Wi-Fi. It’s a shame because a Wi-Fi backup option for your home would make the Arlo Go versatile and would offer you a few configuration options.

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Arlo Go comes with seven days of free cloud storage for your clips on the Arlo Basic cloud plan, which should be enough for most people. For backup, there is also a microSD card slot (up to 32GB) in the camera base, which is convenient if you are out of range of the notebook.

Arlo Go back box

In addition to a SIM card, the camera uses a memory card for local recording

Although the application makes it easy to search for recorded footage in the cloud, allowing you to filter by event, data and camera (if you have multiple Arlo devices), it is currently not possible to browse recorded recordings on the microSD card. You must delete them. and plug it into a computer.

Arlo Go is flexible enough to be placed anywhere, but you may want to power it continuously

Although the basic cloud plan is useful, in the default setting using its internal battery, the Arlo Go uses its PIR motion sensor to detect motion and record everything happening in front. Positioning is crucial because installing Arlo Go in busy areas means you can receive a flood of alerts and quickly flush the battery.

Arlo provides the outdoor power cable with this model, which allows you to power the camera permanently, whether indoors or outdoors. In addition to not having to worry about battery depletion, the camera also allows you to set up activity zones by drawing rectangles with the help of of the application. Only the movement inside a zone will trigger a registration and notifications.

Arlo Go side

The external USB cable facilitates the continuous power supply of the camera

If you’re unable to power the camera, the only way to get into activity zones is to switch to an Arlo Smart plan (starting at £ 1.99 per camera), giving you zones of activity Cloud. With these, the camera uses its PIR motion sensor to wake up and start broadcasting video, but the cloud processing examines where the movement took place and records only the video and sends a notification when a movement is detected inside an area.

Arlo Go Motion Zones

Activity zones can help reduce the number of notifications you receive.

As clever as it may be, you should always place your camera with caution in this mode, as very animated areas can wake up the camera and quickly deplete its battery, even if you have relatively few recordings .

The second benefit of Arlo Smart is that you can use smart notifications to choose the subject of your notification, choosing your combination of people, animals and vehicles. By restricting my Arlo Go with cloud activity areas and selecting only people, I have received relatively few notifications.

Whether the Arlo Smart plan is worth the money or not, it depends on how the camera is used. If you use a battery and you use a lot, Arlo Smart is a decent upgrade. If you use the Arlo Go irregularly and use it on battery, the free option is the best solution.

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It’s easy to place the camera anywhere you want with the flexible stand in the box. This can be placed on a table, even if it is a bit wobbly, or you can install it permanently, screwing it to a wall or a fence.

Arlo Go side on

The provided stand gives you flexible placement options for the camera

As this is a portable product, it is likely that you have to reposition Arlo Go. If you do, do not forget to check the application to verify that your activity zones cover always the desired areas. There is also a handy utility to help you test the camera’s motion detection: when turned on, the camera’s LED lights up in yellow to inform you that motion is being sensed.

You can also enable sound notifications, which allows the camera to record when it picks up enough sounds. This feature is not great outdoors – it often tends to spread where I live – but works well in a quiet home.

Arlo Go has the most powerful modes to control when he can or can not record

The Arlo app is brilliant to set when your camera can record or not. There are two default modes to do this: Armed (the camera records when there is movement) and Disarmed (the camera ignores movement). Although you can set them manually, you can automate these modes by using a program or Geofencing to turn on your cameras when you go out and switch off when you return home.

Impressively, when you get home, you can set up the Arlo Go to get back to a schedule. Thus, you can, for example, turn on your camera when you go out, turn off when you come home, but always turn it on to record the night when you are in bed. No other camera system offers so many features.

Arlo Go Modes

Modes let you control exactly when you want your camera to record

Just be careful with geolocation if you are traveling with your camera because you will need to reset your home position when you arrive at your destination for the feature to work properly.

Video quality is quite good but can affect lower quality settings

The video quality setting can be found in the Power Management section of the application. The longer battery life reduces video quality to the point where it is a little blurry and has a resolution of only 416 × 240 pixels. So go to Best Video where you can, which gives you the full 720p resolution of the camera.

Arlo Go video arrangement

Video quality affects battery life, but we still recommend the highest quality setting.

During the day, I found that the video of the highest quality produced enough footage. There is a lot of compression in the image, which relaxes some parts of the image and makes you lose finer details. However, you can clearly spot individuals and distinguish them in the footage, by finding a still image with as much detail as possible.

Arlo Go day sample

The daytime sequences are very good and it is quite easy to find a still picture with a lot of details

At night, the camera turns on its IR lights to illuminate the night. This makes the picture a lot softer and hard to see. Although you can always tell the difference between people, it is harder to define individual functions for identification, and I found it difficult to find a still image with sufficient sharpness around a moving person.

Arlo Go Night Sample

At night you can see what’s going on, but it can be hard to find a still picture with a lot of details

Operating at maximum quality, I felt that my camera would last about two months with a single charge; the frequency at which the camera is triggered will affect, therefore, take this figure for guidance only.


You can scare people with two-way talk but the siren is weak

There is a two-way chat feature, which allows you to have a conversation with everyone you see. With this camera, you have to press and hold the microphone on the screen of the application to talk. The Arlo Go loudspeaker is powerful enough to chat and it can be helpful to warn someone you’ve seen in your camera feed.

Arlo Go see and talk

The cat in both directions is useful but the mermaid option is a bit goofy

There is also a built-in siren, although this one only uses Go’s internal speaker, so it’s a bit out of tune. This will attract attention, but it is not the noise that scares the ears that scares somebody.

Arlo Go features many smart assistant integrations and also works with SmartThings.

You can use Arlo Go with smart screens, including the Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub, to display the video stream. That’s all the control you have, and you can not arm or disarm your camera on either system.

With SmartThings integration, you can view the flow of your camera in the app, but you can also use its sound and motion sensors to trigger other devices, such as turning on a light when your camera picks up motion. In the SmartThings application, a switch is used to turn the camera on or off, but this does not change the mode, it only affects the camera being monitored by SmartThings.

There is also an IFTTT channel that allows you to trigger other devices when the camera detects motion. In addition, you can enable or disable your system, which is handy if you want to set other rules to control when Arlo Go saves, such as having a button on hand for disable motion detection when you return home.

Should I buy Arlo Go?

If you need to monitor a place without Wi-Fi access, such as a caravan, boat or car, Arlo Go’s LTE connection provides something that other cameras do not have, allowing you to monitor virtually anywhere.

Free cloud storage is nice, although you have to take into account the cost of the 4G SIM card you need to operate the camera. You should also place the camera with care, plug it in permanently or upgrade the Arlo software. Smart plan to reduce the number of motion notifications you receive.

There are also problems with the camera. The lack of Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth means that you can not just use the Arlo Go locally when you need it and that it needs a mobile signal strong enough to use anything.

With its 720p resolution, the footage is good enough to see what’s happening, but still lags behind Full HD or higher resolution. It’s also hard to beat the price, and it’s a very expensive security camera.

All this adds to the creation of a highly configurable and flexible security camera, but also very useful. If you need portable security, it’s a great choice, but if you can have Wi-Fi, the Arlo Ultra or Nest Cam Outdoor the models will make more sense.

Arlo Go Review
Arlo Go Review 1

Verdict Running on 4G via the internal SIM card, the Arlo Go camera is a security camera that works when others can not. It is therefore ideal for use on a

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