Apple Watch 5 release date, price, news and rumors

Wait for the arrival of the Apple Watch 5? Well, there is good news, as you may not have to wait long for the new Apple Watch, which may be released in a few days.

The Apple Watch carries the title of the best-selling smartwatch, and a version of it adorns wrists around the world – but it's still not perfect.

The Apple Watch 4 is the company's most stylish device yet – it's almost at the top of our best watch list – and it's packed with brand new top-end features.

With the Series 4, Apple introduced an ECG monitor, as well as fall detection and an updated design that ensures that existing straps can continue to be used while providing more screen space.

If you can judge the last few years, it will not be long before we hear from Apple about a new device. A new Apple Watch is expected to hit the market with the new iPhone on September 10, and we'll be reporting live from Cupertino, California, to tell you all the details.

Right now, we expect it to be called the Apple Watch Series 5, and below we've put together all the rumors we've seen so far, as well as a selection of improvements we want for the new Apple Watch.

To update: Apple has sent invites you to an event on the 10th of September if it is expected, we will learn something about the iPhone 11 family and the Apple Watch 5.

Release date and price of the Apple Watch 5

  • Expected to be announced on September 10th
  • Could go on sale on the 20th of September

We do not know exactly when the Apple Watch 5 will be released, but we are pretty confident that it will be released on September 10th together with the next iPhone. Apple often launches its smartwatches with the new iPhone. Therefore, this appointment is likely to be scheduled for launch as this is the next big Apple event.

Often, Apple introduces devices and publishes them 10 days later (possibly September 20). As soon as you learn about the Apple Watch 5, it will probably not be long before you can buy one.

Regarding the price, we have no reason to believe that the price will rise over the EIA of the Apple Watch 4. This clock started at $ 399 for the smallest GPS version and $ 429 for $ 429 / AU $ 649 for the larger 44mm.

If you want mobile internet, you can probably buy the smaller watch for 499 USD / 499 GBP / 749 AUD and pay for the larger watch 529 USD / 529 GBP / 799 AUD. The price of the Apple Watch 5, there may be some fluctuations. However, this is the clearest indicator of the costs incurred at launch.

Apple Watch 5 News and rumors

So far, we've heard a lot about the Apple Watch 5, and while it's not nearly as much as the iPhone 11, it gives us an indication of what we'll see.

The first important report came from trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the company may introduce a "new ceramic case design" for at least one model.

Kuo also believes that with the Apple Watch 5, Apple will bring support for the ECG monitor in more countries – although this could also be a software upgrade for the Apple Watch 4 – and a new way to recharge your watch.

He believes that Apple will provide the next generation of smartphones with bidirectional wireless charging. This would mean that you can place your Apple Watch on the back of an iPhone 11 and charge it with the phone's battery.

However, the design could not change significantly, since the image below allegedly shows an Apple Watch 5 and the Apple Watch 4 looks very similar.

The only real giveaway that this could be a new model is that the displayed model number is not associated with any current Apple Watch – although it was recently listed by the Eurasian Economic Commission (discovered by MacRumors), it is probably a model used in Operation is the way soon.

We would take the photo with a pinch of salt, but we mostly expect a similar design from the Apple Watch 5, so it could be accurate.

Originally it was reported that Apple is working on a sleep tracking feature that was not present in previous Apple Watches, and a pertinent source suspected that the Apple Watch 5 had the functionality – the source claims to be just days away the expected start date of the product, which gives credibility to the idea.

Thanks to some of the pictures revealed in watchOS 6 we know that ceramic and titanium cases are probably on the way – either for the Series 5, the Series 4 or both.

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 4. Credit: Trustedreviews

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

Since much of the hardware should already be available, it is possible that Sleep Tracking is also available for older models as a software update. However, the report states that the feature should be available by 2020, so we may see it first with the Apple Watch 6.

According to a report from Reuters, Apple will also contact Japan Display to produce OLED panels for the Watch 5. This probably does not affect the final product, but it's interesting to see that the company has already prepared its manufacturing agreement for the device of the year.

A patent filed by Apple shows a system that monitors chemicals in the air to "smell", allowing you to track your body odor or the air quality in which you exercise.

A manufacturer of blood glucose meters has also confirmed that this is a device specifically designed for the Apple Watch. This could mean that we are approaching an inconspicuous version of the technology included in a future Apple smartwatch.

Another rumor is that the Apple Watch 5 may be the first Apple Watch equipped with Wi-Fi Assist technology.

This is unlikely to happen on the Apple Watch 5, but the new accessory may work specifically on the next generation Apple Watch.

Another report indicates that Apple may be preparing to move from traditional OLED technology for its Apple Watch line to microLED technology.

For the Apple Watch 5, this is unlikely, as the company is reportedly at an early stage of the conversion. Therefore, it is likely that the Apple Watch we see in 2020 will be the first one that includes it.

It is believed that the company is switching to microLED to improve the battery life of the watch.

About the Apple Watch 5 is known little else. Again and again rumors emerge that Apple patented round screens and a variety of other technologies. However, there is no reason to believe that this applies to this watch at this time.

Apple Watch 5: What we want to see

Hopefully, Apple's new smartwatch will be a major innovation.

The Apple Watch 4 was a big change for the wearable line, but we're hoping for even more next-generation smartwatch. We hope for the following:

1. Improved battery life

The Apple Watch does not have the worst battery life for a smartwatch, but it's not the best either.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has the best battery we've ever seen on a company's smartwatch … but we always want more.

Apple may be able to improve its processing technology to get more out of the battery it already contains, or the company may install a larger cell to extend the life of the battery.

Apple could even take a radical step and build a battery-saving mode, as we've seen on other watches like the TicWatch Pro.

2. A wider choice of apps

Apple Watch 5

Picture credits: Trustedreviews

This is something that would enhance the entire Apple series of wearables. We've seen that some big players have stopped supporting Apple Watch, including Instagram and Slack, and we want Apple to invest in restoring those users to watchOS.

If the known services are not available, we want Apple to include developers more in the platform to create innovative apps for the service that is competing with Tizen and Wear OS.

3. And something special for Spotify

In 2018, there was the debut of a Spotify app on your Apple Watch, but not what everyone wanted. You can currently only use it to control music on other devices, so you can not download albums or playlists directly to your watch.

Apple Music allows this on the Apple Watch. Why can not the company offer similar support for Spotify? In fact, we want the company to support Tidal, YouTube Music, and a host of other streaming services. It would be a big step for Apple to open this way, and in return, it would mean a lot to certain users.

4. Sleep better tech

Apple's sleep tracking technology is not the best on the Apple Watch, and we've found that it does not always track sleep with great accuracy. We want the company to focus on improving this feature, which some consider essential on their watch.

You can buy a variety of sleep monitors that can be installed under your sheets, and we want Apple to use its cutting-edge heart rate monitoring technology to keep up with some of them.

5. A slightly thinner design

Apple Watch 5

Picture credits: Trustedreviews

It's another one we always ask for, but the Apple Watch still feels thick on the wrist. The 44mm Series 4 feels thinner because it's bigger, but still thicker than some other smartwatches that you can buy for cash.

Apple may also be able to reduce performance by adding smaller processing technologies and possibly new battery technology. We do not know how Apple can do that, but we want it to be that way.

6. Support for Android

Here's the one on the list that we're almost sure will not happen, but we'll include it anyway. We want the Apple Watch 5 to provide support for Android devices.

In the five years since the announcement of the original Apple Watch, we always wanted to, but the company has limited compatibility to its own iPhone line.

Android Wear was originally a platform for Android phones, but was opened in the company for some years to support the iPhone. This was a great blessing for the company, and most recently, more than a third of users were on the iPhone. Would not that be a boost in sales for the Apple Watch if it suddenly works with Android devices?

Apple has made one of the best smartwatches you can buy for money. Why not share with everyone? It probably will not happen, but we can dream.

7. Another game changer

Apple Watch 5

Picture credits: Trustedreviews

You may not be able to use the feature at this time, but simply capturing an electrocardiogram (ECG) on a smartwatch is a game changer for anyone worried about their heart health. We want Apple to add another feature that puts our jaws on the Apple Watch 5.

That's an easy task, right? It is believed that Apple Watch 4's new ECG feature will be available for a variety of competing third-party smartwatches starting in 2019, demonstrating that Apple is a trendsetter with this technology.

We do not know what's going on at the moment, but we're sure that Apple's minds are already trying to develop this new technology. Maybe a device that is suitable for diabetics? Only time can tell.

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