Apple TV Plus shows: a complete guide to the Apple TV Plus launch lineup

Looking for some exclusive Apple TV Plus shows and the Apple TV Plus grid? Apple too. The Apple TV streaming service, due to start before the end of 2019, will require some great shows to keep people from established services like Netflix or Hulu.

Luckily, things are starting to develop for service.

At the company's September 10 event, we took another look at some of the cool new series that hit the market on November 1, when service starts, and now have a service price of $ 4.99 / $ 7.99 per month.

So what can you expect from the service? From Steven Spielberg's anthology stories to Oprah Winfrey's next show, to dramas ranging from television studios to a post-apocalyptic future, Apple TV Plus will bring the following news.

Apple TV Plus grid

For all humanity

For All Mankind is a new alternative series of stories by Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica, reinterpreting the space race of the 1960s and 1970s from a position in which the Soviet Union first puts man on the moon.

The morning show

The Morning Show is a show behind the curtain where television production is seen as a workplace, with Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line), Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Steve Carell (The Office). With the eyes of two ambitious female lead actors, in which Steve Carell plays a minor role, the tensions of a high-profile morning television show. It's the first time in quite some time that Jennifer Aniston is in a TV show and we could not be more excited to have her back.

The elephant queen

Apple did not say much about this nature document, but provided a brief summary after the September 10 iPhone 11 event: The elephant queen, a critically acclaimed documentary and a cinematic love letter to an endangered species, accompanies a majestic matriarch elephant and her flock on an epic journey of life, loss and homecoming. Planet Earth, eat your heart.

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"See" puts Alfre Woodard (12 years a slave) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) in a thriller about a post-apocalyptic world in which everyone has been blind for centuries, to a point where many wonder if there ever was a sight. A short clip made it seem a bit like Birdbox, but with future cavemen. Somehow.

Apple TV Plus shows: a complete guide to the Apple TV Plus launch lineup 1

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A few months after the opening event, Dickinson is announced as a comedy biopic that gives a brief glimpse into the life of American poet Emily Dickinson and raises the question of what kind of story could be told if we saw her as a hellcrafter rather than an isolated bedroom author , Actress is Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Into the Spider verses) as Dickinson.

Apple TV Plus shows: a complete guide to the Apple TV Plus launch lineup 2

Oprah Winfrey

The biggest joy of the event was the unveiling of a new television show directed by Oprah Winfrey. The first documentary will focus on "Scourge and tribute to sexual harassment in the workplace", while the second will be a multi-part series dealing with mental health issues around the world. This was in addition to a new book club, which the TV legend will operate with Apple's support.


This is for the kids. According to Apple ghost is "a re-invention of the popular original series, which follows four children brought together by a mysterious spirit in a neighborhood bookstore and must unite to liberate fictional characters from works of literature."

Snoopy in space

If you want your kids to grow up with the same set of characters as you've done, then you're in luck: Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts crew will join Apple TV Plus this year. According to Apple, this edutainment series will take viewers on a journey with Snoopy as they follow their dreams of becoming astronauts. Together, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew take command of the International Space Station and explore the Moon and beyond.

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Last but not least, there's Helpsters, a new children's series run by the creators of "Sesame Street," in which Cody and a team of animated monsters are eager to help solve problems.

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Apple TV Plus shows come later …

Apple TV Plus shows: a complete guide to the Apple TV Plus launch lineup 3

Little America

Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani will conduct an anthology in the Little America series with the appropriately adapted stories of immigrants coming to the US for the first time. It sounds a bit crazy, with a true story focusing on a 12-year-old kid running a motel when his parents are deported. Syrian, Iranian and Algerian stories are just a few of the represented cultures and nations.


Diener is as mysterious as his director, M. Night Shyamalan. According to Apple, this is a new psychological thriller that "follows a married couple from Philadelphia in mourning after an indescribable tragedy, creates a rift in their marriage, and opens the door to a mysterious force that invades their home." Yikes.

Apple TV Plus shows: a complete guide to the Apple TV Plus launch lineup 4

Small voice

JJ Abrams (director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) went on stage with singer-songwriter and actress Sara Bareilles to introduce Little Voice. At the moment it is not clear if this is an adaptation of the eponymous stage production.

Amazing stories

One of the shows we're most looking forward to is Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories. It resurrects the serialized stories of the eponymous magazine reinvented by Spielberg's production house Amblin Entertainment. First published in 1926, this will be a classic storytelling in the Spielberg vein.

To be honest

Apple wants to get into the crime podcast wave, but plans it in a very different way. According to the company To be honest is "a gripping new series with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Emmy award winner Aaron Paul, who investigates the US obsession with real crime podcasts and addresses pressing concerns about privacy, media and race."

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The banker

The Banker is the first feature film by Apple TV Plus to feature Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as two African-American entrepreneurs "trying to circumvent the 1950s racial restrictions and soft home loans to the African-American community in Jim Crow, Texas Nia Long (Big Mama's House) and Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) also appear to be the main protagonists.


Hala is another feature film from Apple and follows a high school senior who struggles as a teenager in a suburb with their traditional Muslim education. We hope to hear more about it in the coming months.

Will that be enough to dethrone Netflix?

Will this be enough to dethrone Netflix – the only known streaming service Apple has apparently left in the cold? There are certainly huge names involved. Apart from Sesame Street, there is a lack of established franchises to captivate existing fans. It's also not talked about movies so far – everything that has been revealed so far seems to be serialized content.

And although an appointment for the release has been announced in the fall, there are still no prices. Will customers be ready to sign up for another service?

What Apple has achieved, however, is to bring some absolutely gigantic talents from the industry to the table. If the quality of the produced shows matches the names on the call sheet, we will have some entertaining sessions in front of the old goggle box.

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