Apple rolls out iOS 13.1 to squash urgent bugs and add new features

Launched just a week ago, iOS 13 offers a host of new features for the iPhone 6S and up. However, Apple has already released the next major update for its mobile operating system. iOS 13.1 was originally scheduled for release on September 30, but Apple quickly tracked the rollout after users complained about frozen screens and crashing apps.

The release notes for iOS 13.1 show how bad the original version of iOS 13 actually was. The new update fixes problems with mail, Siri does not work with CarPlay, bad app icons and login errors.

Another big problem with iOS 13 was the location permissions. Fast Company recently reported that a user who chose never to share location details for an app had changed that selection to a "next time" privacy violation.

These privacy issues will also be fixed in the new version. It also fixes a bypass error that allows other users to access a user's contact list by simply making a FaceTime call and using Siri's voice-over feature to access it.

And although all these fixes are good news, iOS 13.1 adds some new features to the features of iOS 13.

Everything shiny and new

Share ETA in Maps

Google Maps added this feature some time ago. Now, Apple Maps users can share their approximate time of arrival directly with friends and relatives through the app. When you set directions to a location and start your journey, the "Share ETA" option will appear at the bottom of the screen. From there you can choose the contact you want to share your approximate time of arrival. This will be sent as iMessage (to another iPhone user) as regular text. If Maps determines that you expect to arrive later than expected, a message will automatically be sent to the contact to inform them of their delay.

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You can now share your ETA through contacts cards

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Lyrics view in Apple Music

If you're an Apple Music subscriber, you'll find a new icon (such as a speech bubble) in the Recent Play area at the bottom left corner. When this option is selected, the lyrics you are listening to are displayed. The texts are also automatically scrolled like a karaoke machine. Lyrics are available only when songs have been downloaded from Apple Music, not for songs added from an external source via iTunes.

Apple Music Lyrics view

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AirDrop update

This is especially true for iPhones of the year 2019, where the "spatial awareness" of the Ultra Wideband technology in the new U1 chip of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is used. If you use the new handsets, you can transfer files to other compatible iOS devices just by pointing at the device. This means that the two devices know their relative position to each other.

Automation tab in shortcuts

The Shortcuts App has become smarter and provides an easier way to set up new routines. For example, you can trigger your morning routine by setting up a shortcut to load your drive to work with maps, view the appointments of your day in the calendar, and so on. You can set a time for each trigger. This means that Maps will automatically start at 8 o'clock in the morning, for example, when you are ready to leave the house.

Automation tab in shortcuts

Easier to add shortcut routines

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There are also many other changes, including updated font settings and personal hotspot pages. When you test beta apps, they are now marked with an orange dot. The old dynamic bubble backgrounds, which disappeared when Apple added 13 dark-friendly wallpapers under iOS 13, are now available again.

The iPhone XS, the iPhone XR and the XS Max have a new feature for maximum performance, as they are already one year old and may experience battery problems as they get older. This means that the power management feature will be triggered if the battery begins to deteriorate to throttle the CPU, even though an option to disable it is available at this time.

All in all, iOS 13.1 should improve the performance and stability of your iPhone compared to what iOS 13 brought to market last week.

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