Apple accuses Google of ‘stoking fear’ among iPhone users

Apple has beaten Google for reporting a serious security flaw in iOS, claiming its competitor exaggerated the impact of the flaw in its detection.

Last month, Google's Project Zero research team uncovered a flaw that could endanger users' data such as files, messages, and location data when a user with a compromised device visits a malicious Web site.

"There was no discrimination based on goals. A simple visit to the hacked site was enough for the exploit server to attack your device. If this was successful, install a surveillance implant, "the Google team had said.

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The vulnerability was fixed six months ago and according to Apple, the bugs were already fixed when Google contacted her. In fact, it is said that the problem was resolved only 10 days after the notification.

However, Apple has problems with the disclosure of Google. Rejecting the presumption that the target was "arbitrary", it argues that fewer than a dozen sites were affected – mostly those serving the Chinese Uighur community.

"The release of Google, published six months after the release of the iOS patches, gives the false impression of mass exploitation to monitor in real time the private activities of entire populations and to fuel the fear of all iPhone users that their devices have been compromised . " says Apple. "That was never the case."

Apple sees the relative safety of the iOS platform as an important differentiator, so the topic is a sensitive issue for the company.

The company launched a bug bounty program for iOS three years ago, offering up to $ 200,000 to ethical hackers who have responsibly reported vulnerabilities. However, the cap was raised to $ 1 million earlier this year, a move that would counteract allegations that the rewards offered were too low.

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Google has been contacted for a comment.

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