Apex Legends is taking players to the World’s Edge in Season 3

Apex Legends, the free Battle Royale in the Titanfall universe, is just days away from launching its third season, and its developer, Respawn Entertainment, has announced a brand new card is on the market.

The action of Apex Legends is currently playing in the King & # 39; s Canyon on Planet Solace, but when Season 3: Meltdown begins on October 1st, the players will be brought to Planet Talos. Here, the new game site "World's Edge" is presented, a place where "melted heat and chemical ice collide".

Respawn has given players a first look at this new map in a startup trailer, which you can watch below for yourself.

A game of ice and fire

Of course, the movie trailer does not reveal anything about the new destination, but it gives a good idea of ​​what the surrounding area is all about: ice, lava, geysers and possibly a moving train. It's also worth taking a look at the new season three legend, Crypto, a hacker with his own surveillance drones he uses in combat.

While the original King's Canyon map for Apex Legends has undergone some changes since the start of the game, a completely new map was introduced for the first time. It's still not clear if Worlds Edge will stand next to King's Canyon or if it will put it completely in the shade.

Season 3: Meltdown and World's Edge will be released in Apex Legends on October 1, along with a brand new character and a brand new weapon.

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