iPhone XR: An even better buy for the new price of $577


The iPhone XR is an excellent phone now at an even better price. It offers many features of the new iPhone 11 and even comes in some colors that you might prefer.

Some might argue that the screen lacks high resolution. Even if they are not mistaken, the display is always nice and colorful. The camera is not as good as the dual purpose network of the iPhone 11.


  • Great battery life
  • XS features for less money
  • Fantastic performance
  • Very capable camera

The inconvenients

  • No quick charger included
  • Will be too big for some

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $577
  • CPU: Very fast bionic Aion chipset
  • Screen: LCD, 1792 x 828 and notch
  • Facial Identity: Identical to the iPhone XS
  • Camera: 12 megapixels and portrait mode

How good is the iPhone XR in 2019?

Apple may have just launched the iPhone 11, but that does not mean that the iPhone XR is no longer in production. Unlike iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which are no longer available directly from Apple, you can still carry an iPhone XR at a reduced price of $577.

It remains an excellent phone. It looks a lot like the new iPhone 11; has a Bionic A12 chipset still very fast and has just been updated for the new iOS 13 operating system. It also contains a battery of size similar to that of the iPhone 11, a recharge wireless and an identical display.

If you are looking for a new iPhone, it’s a great choice.

iPhone XR Design – The perfect size iPhone?

The iPhone XR is not as stylish as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but the aluminum strip is less slippery than the latter’s stainless steel. The 6.1-inch screen size is also a good compromise between the 5.7-inch 5.7-inch iPhone and the 6.5-inch 11-inch Pro. It is exactly the same size and weight as the iPhone 11.

The glass is placed at the front and back and is rated IP67, which means it can be immersed in a variety of liquids for up to 30 minutes. But there is still no headphone jack, or even a 3.5mm dongle inside the box.

iPhone XR

Although all new iPhones follow the edge-to-edge aspect from the iPhone X, a thicker frame surrounds the screen. This becomes slightly more obvious when you use a colorful variant of the iPhone XR. With my red examination unit, for example, the black bezel is more distinguished from its bright red sides.

Being able to take this phone in a variety of colors makes it a little more interesting. There is an orange-pink coral, a bright red and some more pastel shades of blue and yellow. For those who want something a little more conservative, there are also options of white and black. The range of colors is excellent and none is really ugly: they are all well colored and each reacts a little differently when the light hits his back.

IPhone XR Screen – Do not Look for OLEDs Here

Apple calls this a Liquid Retina screen, a nickname that it also associated with the 2018 iPad Pro. After using it for a long time, I honestly think that it’s good. If you come from an iPhone 7 or 8, you will feel at home. It’s the same screen as the iPhone 11.

The LCD lacks vivid colors, perfect blacks and Dolby Vision / HDR10 support that the OLED on iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro gives you. But in normal use, colors are always nice and you can not spot individual pixels unless you really look for them.

In my eyes, the screen is a bit more yellow than the OLED of the iPhone. However, this is perhaps the real sound (Apple’s software adjustment that softens the colors in your eyes in certain environments). Technology is doing a little too much work.

Like all Apple iPhones, the screen is ridiculously responsive. The panel itself stays at 60Hz but the touch layer is at 120Hz and your slips and taps are recorded instantly.

iPhone XR

Impressively, Apple has managed to ensure the perfect uniformity of the curves in the corners of the screen and around the protruding notch, without stray pixels or sharp edges. This is done by a combination of pixel masking and anti-aliasing, and the results are excellent. Look at all competing Android phones with LCD screens and curved corners, and you’ll notice ugly jagged edges.

At the top of the screen is a notch – a small cutout, in which face ID sensors and front cameras are positioned. Your feelings on the screen will probably be very varied and this is right – it bothers you when you watch videos. For all the rest, it blends into the background and does not hurt what is displayed.

iPhone XR Performance – Always fantastic

The power supply of the iPhone XR is A12 Bionic Apple SoC (system-on-chip) coupled with 3 GB of RAM. This is the same chipset used in the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. However, these two phones have 4 GB of RAM.

Being a 7nm chip, unlike the 10nm chip of A11 Bionic, allows a larger number of transistors to be packaged inside the silicone. This leads to a more efficient chip. The main features of the new chip are a 15% faster processor, a 50% faster GPU (compared to the A11 Bionic) and a new neural engine for AI. There is also an updated “secure enclave” inside the chip that facilitates more captivating face identification.

General improvements to processors are not huge compared to iPhones 2017. However, if you upgrade from an iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, you will notice that everything is happening much faster. Applications open instantly, there is no harm in multitasking and I noticed that application crashes were very rare.

There is so much power available here that you will not be using it right away. Apple has a lot to do with augmented reality (AR) and it will take more power when developers really start pushing it to the limit.

iPhone XR

The A12 Bionic should also allow the iPhone XR to remain fast for several years. When you think that Apple has just stopped selling the iPhone 6S, four years old, it becomes obvious that this iteration will last a long time.

The iPhone XR is also a great choice if you are a hard-working mobile player. It does not contain some of the more sophisticated features you get with the Razer Phone 2 (120 Hz refresh rate) or the ROG Phone (a mix of game-oriented accessories). But instead, it offers a lot of power and the wide range of excellent games available on the App Store. The intensive titles, such as Asphalt 9 and PUBG, work wonders and match the iPhone 11 Pro more expensive in terms of charging and frame rate.

Antutu scores / iPhone XR

Geekbench 4 scores / iPhone XR

3D Scales / iPhone XR

Apple is completely away from unlocking Touch ID fingerprints. Betting as much on facial unlocking Face ID means it must work reliably. Fortunately, Apple succeeds with this: Face ID is able to make its appearance when you look at your phone and even works in a very dark environment.

Unlike some more basic face authentication systems on other phones, facial identity can not be deceived by a photo and learns your appearance over time. You will not have to recycle if you cut your hair or shave your beard. He m comfortably recognized with or without my glasses.

iPhone XR will probably be the first experience of many people with Face ID and I do not see many of them being disappointed.

The speakers (one on the bottom and the other in the notch) are stronger and clearer than those of all the previous iPhone, and correspond to the excellent Android handsets available on the market. Apple has leveled the sound so that the down speaker is no longer powerful. This gives you a more balanced sound that is not dominated in a particular area.

IPhone XR Software – Better with iOS 13

When the iPhone XR was launched for the first time in September 2018, it came with iOS 12. If you buy one, it will be upgraded to iOS 13.

The general user interface remains the same: swipe the screen locked up to access the standard grid view of your applications. A left slide shows the view Today: a placeholder for widgets. All of this is very basic and will be familiar to anyone who has ever used an iPhone or iPad.

iOS 13 is not a major overhaul of the software that has powered iPhones for years. This year, the new features include a completely redesigned and improved Photos application, many changes to the user interface and, of course, dark mode. Activate this and all system applications will become a nice shade of gray.

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Thanks to the Face ID system, Animoji and Memoji are installed on the iPhone XR. These augmented reality emojis combine your facial animations with various characters and can create an addiction. They are limited to iMessage, which seems strange. Surely there must be plans to turn them into a singular application?

Due to the lack of a physical home button, your main interaction with the iPhone XR is through a selection of gestures. Slide your finger up and down to access the home screen, top-to-left for notifications, and top-to-right for the control center. Once you have gone beyond the initial learning curve, the process is usually simple.

iPhone XR: An even better buy for the new price of $577
iPhone XR: An even better buy for the new price of $577 1

Verdict The iPhone XR is an excellent phone now at an even better price. It offers many features of the new iPhone 11 and even comes in some colors that yo

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