AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU remains hard to buy – with prices now seriously jacked up as a result

The Ryzen 9 3900X CPU from AMD is still hard to find for those who want to buy the 12-core processor. Therefore, this CPU is only available in a few places – and there, where it is not yet available, but not yet exists -Prize order – retailers drive the price in the air.

Unfortunately, this is the case in both the US and the UK, as we are browsing the online rates and availability levels this morning at the time of writing.

In the US, the Ryzen 9 3900X was launched with an official price of $ 499. It was $ 579.99 at Newegg, $ 569.99 at Micro Center (though the price was actually there), and the CPU is now listed as "not available online."

You can get the 3900X from Newegg from a third party, but it costs you a staggering $ 799.99. Similarly, it is out of print at the retailer itself and can only be obtained from sellers on the market, with the currently most affordable ready to ship option being $ 739.99.

Of course, as Tom's hardware shows, this has nothing to do with AMD, but the decision of retailers themselves to raise prices, knowing that demand is (much) greater than supply.

Best Buy is a rarity in that it seems to have stayed at its official price of $ 499.99, although this is a bit insignificant at the moment as it is out of print – surprise, surprise. Nevertheless, it is thanks to this retailer that he has not pushed up the price.

So, if you're looking for this 12-core monster, you may want to keep an eye on Best Buy if the 3900X is in stock again. There is no indication of when the stock could be replenished, although interestingly enough, in the Q & As section, the following comment will be made: "On October 1, 2019, Ingram Micro, a major distributor, will have the Ryzen 9 in stock again."

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These are the thoughts of a Punter who is not a Best Buy employee. Take care with a very generous spoon.

Similar story

It's similar in the UK. When the Ryzen 9 3900X hit the market, prices generally moved around the £ 499 level, or that was certainly the asking price at

At the time of writing, however, this trader charges £ 559.59, although of course there is no stock and you can only pre-order.

Scan and eBuyer both charge a few cents under £ 532 so it does not look all that bad, but they do not have units for sale right now. The latter, however, states that the supply should be available on October 4, and crosses those who wish to purchase one of these new 3rd generation Ryzen chips.

Amazon UK actually has stock levels – at least through Amazon EU Sarl, but the bad news is that the price is a staggering £ 788.34 (at the time of writing, as with all these prices). For third-party suppliers, the Ryzen 9 3900X is available, the cheapest for £ 548.40.

Inventories of the 3900X were thin from the start. However, given the above-mentioned slight signs that the stock situation in the US and the UK may relax next week in early October, we can hope that the situation will change sooner rather than later.

However, with AMD granting stock issues to bring the new flagship Ryzen 9 3950X to the shelves – it should have come out now, but was postponed to November – this hope may be too optimistic.

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Unless otherwise, we can safely hope that AMD will bring stocks to a much healthier and more stable state in time for the Black Friday sale, which will of course take place in November (more specifically on November 29).

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