Amazon Kindle (2019) Review


The new Kindle is a simple recommendation to recommend to anyone with a reduced budget thanks to the added front light. It’s far from being the most complete reader, but if you’re only looking for a way to consume books from the Amazon Kindle store, you can not go wrong.


  • New front lighting makes basic Kindle more versatile than ever
  • Sound support via Bluetooth
  • Massive Kindle Library
  • Lightweight

The inconvenients

  • Lowest PPI Kindle Screen
  • The front light is a bit too blue
  • No reverse color accessibility option

Key specifications

  • Price: $89.99
  • 4 LED front lights
  • 4GB of storage
  • 6 Inch E Ink Screen (167ppi)
  • Black or white patterns

What is Amazon Kindle (2019)?

The latest Amazon Kindle, which is in its tenth generation, is the new entry-level model of the lineup. This will appeal if you do not want to spend a lot of money Kindle Oasis or Kindle Paperwhite.

That said, it costs £ 10 more than the 2016 model at launch, but you get new lighting before. The lack of lighting was our main complaint of Amazon’s previous Kindle and its inclusion means that you can read eBooks anytime and anywhere.

While its specifications may not have been changed elsewhere (it still offers the lowest resolution of all Kindle eBook readers), its form factor, powerful library, and new front lighting make it an excellent choice for those who wish -books.

Amazon Kindle (2019) – Design

Amazon has made no significant changes to the design of the new Kindle. In fact, it was only after a glance at the official measures that some differences emerged. It actually became smaller, losing 2mm in width (up to 113mm) and a barely noticeable gap of 0.4mm in its thickness (up to 8.7mm).

This means that the Kindle is even more convenient for the pockets – although it is true that we are talking here about pocket for the back or the coat. For someone like me, even this slight reduction in size makes all the difference. This means that I can now quickly take it out of my jacket to read a few pages while waiting for the train; I would be much less inclined to be bored if it was in my bag.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

But while the Kindle has lost size, adding light before has added weight. At 174 g (instead of 161 g), it is still far from heavy; in fact, it is still significantly lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite (191g) and Kindle Oasis (194g).

Unlike the expensive Paper, the 2019 Kindle is available in a choice of black or white finishes. I prefer the black of the evaluation model because it is likely to look less dirty over time.

The Kindle is comfortable to wear, its weight is evenly distributed, which is more important than you originally thought. I still have an original Kindle (which contained a physical keyboard), ironically picking up dust from my library. This model now feels a lot more tiring and hard to hold for longer reading sessions.

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Amazon Kindle (2019)

The premium Oasis Kindle remains the only Kindle to have physical buttons to turn pages. You must press the screen to navigate between pages. It’s a little less tactile than having buttons, but it’s pretty good work. There is only one button on this Kindle to wake up the device, which sits at the very bottom next to a micro-USB charging port. I hope that Amazon will end up passing his Kindles records on USB-C for convenience, although it does not matter.

One of the main differences between the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite is the IPX8 water resistance rating of the latter. If you plan to read in the bath or pool, you may be embarrassed by your clumsiness in deciding which model suits you best. That said, dropping a traditional book in water has the same inherent risks. Therefore, if this has never been a problem, it may not be the case now.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

Maybe Amazon has read our review of the 2016 model, in which we had stated that the Amazon brand on the back of the device was obnoxious and useless. It has been attenuated for this model.

It will be even less significant if you choose to pair your Kindle with one of the official fabric covers (£ 24.99) that protects the device at the front and back. It automatically activates and suspends your Kindle when opening and closing the cover (like a book!). The case seems a little expensive, though.

Amazon Kindle (2019) – Screen

The big change is the addition of a front light to illuminate the E Ink screen. This will allow you to read in low light conditions or even in deep black. This is good news if you like to read, but your partner wants to fold, because you will not need to leave a bedside lamp to see the screen.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

There are 24 levels of brightness adjustment.

The lighting is not as good as on the Kindle Paperwhite, due to the inclusion of four LEDs, as opposed to five on the Paperwhite. However, you have 24 levels of progressive brightness adjustment so you can get it exactly the way you want it.

It is rare that you need to have the screen adjusted to the maximum and this may not be the case. The clearest settings are actually better used on the outside, on the beach for example, where extreme light conditions can make the screen faded. Inside, at night, I did not feel the need to use the Kindle more than its darkest setting.

My only complaint about the front light is that it’s a little bluer than I would like. I would have preferred a warmer tone, especially for night reading. One of the major benefits of reading on an electronic reader over a phone or tablet is that you have less blue light that interrupts the circadian rhythm, so I’m afraid a little bit that the front light has a negative impact. A warmer tone is slightly less severe for your eyes.

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Beyond the light before, nothing has changed between Kindle models. The 6-inch anti-reflective E Ink screen continues to offer a pixel density of 167 pixels per inch. This does not compare as favorably to more expensive models, all of which have 300 ppi displays.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

The front light means that you must never stop reading.

In fact, it’s not something you’ll really notice unless you’re looking for it. Tap the screen near your eyes and you’ll see that the font is slightly more irregular – but this is not noticeable at a reasonable distance. Compare the different models side by side and you will notice however.

As mentioned, the Kindle has a touch screen on which you press to change pages. You can also use it to browse the menus, browse the Kindle Store and enter text using a keyboard on the screen. Everything works pretty well and fast enough for an E Ink screen.

Amazon Kindle (2019) – Battery Life

Amazon Kindle (2019)

Amazon estimates the battery life at around four weeks if it is used 30 minutes a day, with wireless technology turned off and the front lighting set to 13, which is quite specific.

In truth, I did not have an exam device long enough to test it. But as it is an electronic reader, you can expect battery life to last for weeks rather than weeks. This is one of the main advantages of E Ink over tablets and smartphones.

After a full charge, after putting about three hours of playback time with low front lighting usage, I saw the battery drop by 15%.

You recharge the battery via micro USB; the cable is included. However, you do not have a USB wall adapter in the box, so you must use yours – or connect it to a computer to charge it. The complete charging of the device takes about four hours – no quick charge per se.

Amazon Kindle (2019) – Other Things to Consider

The purchase of a Amazon Kindle is done in part in the Amazon eBook Library. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’re even more likely to opt for a Kindle device. As part of your Premium membership, you have access to Prime Reading, a large catalog of free books that you can “borrow”. Similar to a real library, all you need to do is “browse” the titles and read them as you wish.

Kindle Unlimited, which, at a monthly subscription fee similar to Netflix, offers you even greater choice of books.

You can also charge your Kindle with audible audiobooks. You will need to pair a speaker or headset with the device via Bluetooth because there is no built-in speaker, but it’s a great option.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

Books can be purchased directly from the Kindle Store.

Of course, you have the option to buy books on the Kindle Store. More often than not, you will find that they are cheaper than those of competing eBook platforms, with a wide range of products ranging from bestsellers to independently published titles.

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It’s easy to discover new titles on the Kindle itself, and the new home screen does a great job of allowing you to browse your own library and make recommendations. You can upload your own eBooks and PDFs to your Kindle via USB or email them to your dedicated Amazon Kindle email address. Overall, you are unlikely to have a shortage of articles to read or listen to.

There are also other features that add to the overall reading experience. I appreciate being able to see the number of minutes remaining to complete a chapter or the book as a whole, for example. You can also search for words in a dictionary by tapping on them – or enable Word Wise, which automatically provides definitions of less familiar words.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

You can get definitions easily.

One thing worth noting is perhaps a problem: I did not find an accessibility option to invert colors (white font on black background), a useful option found on Paperwhite and Oasis. I know that many dyslexic readers find that it is much easier to read this way, while some simply prefer this option.

This is the economic Kindle, only a model connected to Wi-Fi is available; 3G / 4G connectivity is not possible. This is not a big omission for anyone but the most ardent of the bookworms who need constant access to more titles.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

You can adjust the number of tips provided by Word Wise, which is a convenient way to expand your vocabulary.

In addition, this Kindle has only 4 GB of storage (2.75 GB of them are currently available), so you will not be able to store as many books as the Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB total). You can still store many more titles – in fact, thousands – that you can not carry, and syncing books to and from the Kindle through the cloud is incredibly simple.

As is the case with most Kindle, there is a cheaper model with “special offers”. It’s an elegant way to say that you’ll receive ads running on your lockscreen when the Kindle is not in use. These are usually advertisements for Amazon books or services; whether or not you want to pay £ 10 extra to eliminate such intrusions is a matter of personal preference.

Why buy Amazon Kindle (2019)?

The new Kindle is a simple recommendation to recommend to anyone with a reduced budget thanks to the added front light. It’s far from the most complete reader, but if you’re just looking for a way to consume books from the Amazon Kindle store, you can not go wrong.


If you simply can not put a good book, neither night nor day, the new Kindle is the best budget reader available.

Amazon Kindle (2019) Review
Amazon Kindle (2019) Review 1

The new Kindle is a simple recommendation to recommend to anyone with a reduced budget thanks to the added front light. It's far from being the most complete reader, but if you're just looking for a way to consume books from the Amazon Kindle store, you can not go wrong.

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