Amazon Fire HD 8 Review


Amazon Fire HD 8 is a very good tablet at an impressive price. It’s even better if you pair it with the Show Mode dock. For $109.99, it’s an excellent package. Its screen is correct, the quality of construction is good and there is a lot of storage. Although he does not feel incredibly fast, he has enough power to do justice to some of the most impressive Android games. In addition, having Alexa on a tablet is a good idea.


  • Affordable
  • Alexa hands free
  • Show Mode is a nice addition

The inconvenients

  • Interface riddled with ads
  • Basic Nagivation a little slow

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $79.99
  • 8 “1280 x 800 IPS LCD Screen
  • 8 / 16GB of storage
  • MediaTek MT8135 quad-core processor
  • 2 megapixel selfie camera
  • 2 megapixel rear camera
  • Alexa

What is Amazon Fire HD 8?

Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the models best budget tablets you can buy from a recognizable brand. It will cost you $ 79.99 for a single tablet or $ 109.99 with the new new “Show Mode” docking station. If you want to make the most of this device, I suggest you take it.

The Fire HD 8 is ideal for those looking for a cheap base tablet, mainly for media consumption and playback. There is more offer here than with a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis and it’s a lot more compact than the big one Fire HD 10.

This is a great way to consume premium content, and adding Alexa in handsfree mode finally gives something that tablets simply do not have.

Amazon Fire HD 8 – Design

One of the best aspects of Amazon Fire HD 8 is the fact that it is a cheap tablet it does not seem instantly dated like some others in this price category. It is neither thick nor heavy, and it does not have an ultra-wide surround screen that can give the impression of a bulky and old-fashioned tablet.

Just look at the space left and right of the screen. There’s plenty of room for your thumb, but not too much for the Amazon Fire HD 8 footprint to look much larger than the screen at its center. There is just a slight bending of the case under significant hand pressure and the display does not warp when you press forward.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018

The highest part of the plastic case moves about a millimeter inwards under the pressure of the fingers, but it is rather the battery cover. Not removable, it generally aims to be aesthetic and suffer the consequences of any impact; the actual structure of Amazon Fire HD 8 is inside.

I’m looking at the red version of the Amazon Fire HD 8. It’s a nice shade and a textured finish that gives both a better look and feel than glossy plastic. The tablet is also available in a wide range of hues, including a new bright yellow for which I have a soft spot for things.

The Fire HD 8 succeeds in a way that looks like an insult: it’s not bad. However, over the years, I have used many tablets below $ 100 that are, in fact, garbage – and a constant reminder that you have opted for a cheaper solution.

Despite its price, the Fire HD 8 impresses in some areas. For example, it includes a 16GB storage and a 32GB model is also available. It was ample enough to allow me to install a handful of data-hungry games; many under-150 tablets provide only 8 GB. The Fire HD 8 also has a microSD connector on the side and supports cards up to 400 GB, an added bonus if you want to load movies for a long trip by plane.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018

Amazon has tried to create a tablet that will not disappoint buyers quickly. I do not think many of you feel left behind by its construction, or become irritated by the amount of storage space you have to play with.

Amazon Fire HD 8 – Screen

The screen, however, can put a few people off. Its specifications are basic, as in the case of all cheaper Fire tablets, but the most obvious is the lack of display contrast in a well-lit room. This is the only area where it would have been nice to see the updated Amazon for this 2018 release.

The screen is very reflective, so that blacks appear pretty gray. This is not the usual LCD backlighting symptom, but the fact that the different layers of the screen structure reflect a small amount of ambient light.

As such, the Amazon Fire HD 8 will look rather energy-efficient compared to your smartphone, unless you increase the brightness of the screen in any way; it will make the contrast look better. There is no automatic brightness adjustment here, so you need to make changes manually.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018

Other parts of the Amazon Fire HD 8 screen are perfectly suited for the price of £ 90. 1280 x 800 pixels spread over eight inches does not look very neat, but the software smooths the fonts enough so that they do not look ugly.

This is an area where the most discerning gadget users may be disappointed, as Amazon calls it an “HD” tablet. It’s just precise enough to avoid looking awful, and the little browser fonts are pixelated in an unflattering way.

The color quality depends on the degree of freedom with the brightness slider. The contrast fade screen style gives the colors relatively low energy until the backlight is turned on. However, in isolation, the colors are really respectable; they are not anemic.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 display is also very bright, which is convenient to fight against all these reflections on the screen if you want to use it outdoors.

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