Amazon Echo Wall Clock Review


The Amazon Echo wall clock is pretty much the most simplistic smart home supplement you can buy. Coupled with an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, the clock automatically adjusts its time and shows you the progress of the timers you have set. If you use a lot of timers, it’s a great help; If you do not do it, then you have a pretty expensive clock with useless features.


  • Automatically adjusts the time
  • It’s easy to see the timers
  • Easy to pair

The inconvenients

  • Works with a single echo
  • Basic construction quality

Key specifications

  • Price: $29.99
  • Analog with automatic time adjustment
  • Timer indicator
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (included)

Probably the simplest smart home product you can ever dream of, the Amazon Echo wall clock can only be described using words in the product name: it’s a wall clock that connects to an Echo speaker. More specifically, it is designed to display timers, making it a useful complement for anyone who uses a lot of timers; less for those who do not.

Amazon Echo wall clock is very easy to configure, but only works with a single Echo device.

Resembling a retro school clock, adorned with a plastic back and a black front. You will love the plain style or think it looks a bit cheap. I’m a little more of the first and I think the wall clock will fit in almost any room.

For this, you need four AA batteries, provided in the box. Each series should last a few months, the current US owners claiming between three and six months. Once the batteries are in place, the clock is ready to be paired with an Echo speaker.

Button and batteries from the Amazon Echo wall clock

Four AA batteries should last between three and six months

Each wall clock is coupled to a single Echo speaker via a Bluetooth LE connection. You must go to the Echo device closest to your clock. Then you simply say, “Alexa, set up my Echo wall clock.” You will be asked to hold the button at the back of the clock until the light at the front turns on, then a few minutes are needed for the Clock appears. pair with the Echo speaker.

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Once done, the hands on the front start to move until they are at the right time. The hands are automatically corrected when the clocks change twice a year. So you never need to adjust it manually to make sure the time is right. It’s pretty good to watch the hands set up.

Then, it’s time to hang the wall clock where you want it, using the built-in suspension bracket on the back of the clock, and you’re done.

It’s easy to set timers and you can see exactly what’s going on with the Echo Wall Clock smart count indicator

In everyday life, the Echo wall clock is a standard analog clock that displays the time. This is when you turn on your paired Alexa device and set a timer so that the wall clock indicates what it’s made of.

Around the clock are marked 60 minutes. For any timer of 60 minutes or less, the minutes indicators light up to indicate the remaining time. For example, set a five-minute timer and the first five lights are on. The last light in the sequence is brighter to indicate more clearly the time remaining.

Amazon Echo wall clock with timer

The lights on the outside tell you how much time is left in the timer

As the timer counts down, the number of lights decreases. When there is only one minute, all the indicators light up and break down the last minute, ending up flashing when the timer is running. As soon as the timer is off on your Echo device, the clock will return to normal.

Amazon Echo wall clock counts down 60 seconds

The final countdown: This is the display you get when there are 60 seconds or less

Amazon has clearly reflected on how to best use this simplistic form of display. Set a timer for more than one hour and the LED above 12 seconds (60 minutes) will turn on and stay on until you reach 59 minutes at the beginning of the countdown. normal.

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Set two timers and the clock displays the complete sequence of lights for the shortest timer; the longest times have one light. You can continue to add timers as you like, although I found that beyond three, it was getting a little crowded on the dial and it was hard to remember which one was.

Amazon Echo three-timer wall clock

Several timers are easy to see on the clock face

When the first timer reaches the 60-second countdown, the other timers remain lit with a brighter light. So you can always watch them, which is pretty clever. That’s really it: the Echo wall clock is simply a clock that displays timers at a glance.

Should I buy Amazon Echo wall clock?

How often do you use Amazon Alexa timers and how often do you ask yourself how much time is left on your timers? If the answer to these two questions is complex, the Echo wall clock is a valuable addition to your home. It’s pretty, and Amazon has perfectly thought the display to allow you to see what happens at a glance.

If you use little timers, the Echo wall clock is simply a clock that automatically adjusts the time. This is probably not the product for you, then.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock Review
Amazon Echo Wall Clock Review 1

The Amazon Echo wall clock is pretty much the most simplistic smart home supplement you can buy. Coupled with an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, the clock automatically adjusts its time and shows you the progress of the timers you have set.

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