Amazon Echo Frames and Echo Loop put Alexa on your face and finger

Today, the company launched a shipload of new Alexa-enabled echo products at the 2019 Amazon Product Event, two of which will be worn around the clock.

While the new Echo Buds are a portable answer to Apple AirPods, Amazon has become even more ambitious with its wearables. The company also introduced a ring and a pair of glass frames, both of which were installed by Alexa.

These two new products are part of the Amazon Day 1 Edition program, which aims to bring new, ambitious products to market quickly. The products are available to customers by invitation only, and Amazon asks users for feedback. This connects the boundary between customer and tester.

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Echo Loop is Alexa for your fingers

The Echo Loop is the Smart Ring from Amazon. It has a titanium frame that houses two microphones, a tiny speaker and a piezo-haptic driver for vibration.

Considering the entire hardware package, Amazon plans to make it a high-performance device, not just an Alexa trigger. A small button at the bottom of the echo loop activates it, so it can be used to interact with Alexa. However, you can also use it for phone calls and for receiving notifications from your phone. The ring has a full-time battery life and is fully charged in 90 minutes.

That's all well and good, but a simple button on a ring can prove to be the ultimate tool for accidental calls. And that's only when it works. The button did not work during the demonstration on stage.

The Echo Loop costs $ 129 (no international awards yet announced) and will be available in four sizes. However, this is a special price for the invitation period.

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Amazon Echo Frames and Echo Loop put Alexa on your face and finger 1

(Image credits: future)

Echo Frames adds Alexa to her glasses

The echo frames are similar in idea, but different in shape: they also have speakers and microphones built in so you can interact with Alexa as usual.

You can also play podcasts discreetly, send phone alerts, and much more by using beamforming speakers. A touch-sensitive area on the frame near your temple activates the glasses.

The echo frames weigh 31 grams and fit on prescription lenses. During the invitation period, they cost $ 179, but again no international price was announced.

The good / bad news? Although they are considered "smart glasses," they will not have cameras that will incur the wrath of others, as Google Glass has.

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