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With the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U, you get a set containing virtually all the accessories you might need, including two bowls that stack in one another to not take up too much of a thing. space in the closet. This stand mixer gives excellent results, with the exception of the dough hook, which was not as efficient as we hoped. That said, it is a very economical and complete stand mixer for all jobs.


  • Two bowls
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • 10 speeds

The inconvenients

  • Heavy
  • The whisk does not go to the dishwasher
  • Accessories require storage

Key specifications

  • Price of examination: £ 399.99
  • 1200W
  • 4.8 liter bowl and 2.9 liter bowl
  • Fermentation lid and splashguard
  • Two beaters, dough hook, whip
  • H36 x W37 x D21cm, 9kg

What is the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U?

You can not help but conclude that the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U has been thought through. Not only does it contain all the useful accessories you can imagine in the box, but its mixing action leaves no part of the bottom of the bowl intact.

The iconic credentials of some mixers and the color choices of others may be missing, but as a workaholic, there is little room for improvement. By providing all the tools you need to beat, cream, whip and even prove the bread dough, with easy-to-sort speeds, the UltraMix is ​​sure to take a bake.

AEG UltraMix KM5540-U – What you need to know

  • Sponge paste – He quickly turned the butter and sugar into cream and produced an incredibly well-aerated mix that baked to form golden, elastic rounds.
  • Bread dough test – The hook easily combined the ingredients, but the dough tended to wrap around the tool rather than being kneaded
  • Whip test of the egg white – Three whites were whipped at maximum speed in a few minutes to form firm, stable peaks
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AEG UltraMix KM5540 Design – TThe large number of accessories is the secret of its success

While most mixers come with three basic tools and a splash guard if you’re lucky, the AEG UltraMix KM5540 far exceeds the others in terms of the amount of kit supplied. More importantly, each accessory is useful rather than just being one more element you need to find room to slide in the back of a closet.

In addition to the standard flat beater, there is a SoftEdge beater designed for use with creamy mixes and toppings. This tool sweeps the bowl like a spatula, scraping and beating to combine; it’s ideal for making butter cream. There is a splash guard with a chute to add ingredients, which reduces the volume of flour when mixing, as well as a bowl lid that can be used to make dough or cover mixtures that need time to get up or be chilled.

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You get all the accessories you may need

The UltraMix comes with two bowls instead of the standard one. The larger of the two has a handle, so it’s easy to hold it by scratching the contents. A small bowl, which can be stowed in the large for storage, is ideal for several reasons: not only is it no longer necessary to wash a single bowl several times for different steps of the same recipe, but it is also Convenient to mix small amounts too.

On the front side, a mounting hub can feed optional accessories, such as meat grinders, pasta rollers and knives, so its capabilities extend easily. All this makes this mixer an ideal tool for beginner bakers who wish to develop their skills, as well as for experts who need more features than a basic device.

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The light helps you to see what you are doing

A last useful feature is the automatic light above the bowl. While it was not decisive on the sunny day of testing, if task lighting is not up to the task in your kitchen, it could help you monitor your progress. However, it is placed in a slightly strange place, behind the fixation rod rather than in front of the mixer head, so that it only illuminates part of the bowl.

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AEG UltraMix KM5540 Performance – Handles most tasks, but did not perform as well with the dough

AEG UltraMix KM5540-U Review | 3

The mixer handled the cake batter with ease

To say that the UltraMix is ​​a pleasure to use would be a euphemism. His mix was both fast and efficient – I only had to scrape the bowl once to make sponge dough near the end of the process. In addition, there was no butter or uncooked sugar hidden at the bottom of the bowl, which can often be a problem with mixers whose tools do not cover the lower part of the bowl.

The speed dial of the mixer has 10 easy-to-scroll settings. Only the two highest speeds make the least noise. At low speeds, the sound was pretty quiet – no annoying whining here.

AEG UltraMix KM5540-U Review | 4

The dough hook was slightly less impressive

The only tool that did not meet expectations was the dough hook. The bread dough I prepared was well mixed but then wrapped around the hook rather than presenting it as a ball of dough rolled and kneaded around the bowl. Releasing it and starting again produced the same result.

The dough was not particularly sticky and, as all tools are nonstick (with the exception of the whip), the reasons for this phenomenon occurred on both occasions. However, bread bakes well after being kneaded by hand.

The only other disadvantage is that the slide switch for lifting the mixing head is located on the opposite side of the speed selector. It meant having to fumble without seeing to determine the location of the switch every time I had to change the tool or remove the bowl.

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On a more positive note, the mixer is pretty well balanced in terms of weight: raising the head of the mixer does not allow the unit to detach from the worktop.

Should I buy the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U?

The basic mixers that cost less than 100 € probably do not have the build quality, mixing efficiency and range of accessories of the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U. He excels in his work, offering a range and versatility that is more similar to similar prices. Kenwood Chef but in a more elegant package.

In terms of mixing power, it is comparable to the Blender of craftsman but comes with a bowl lid and built-in light, unlike the similarly sized 4.8L model from KitchenAid costing around £ 100 more. If you want to ignore the color limitations (there are only three shades: deep red, dark gray metallic and blue) for a well-designed and fully stocked blender, it will be a great addition to any kitchen.

AEG UltraMix KM5540-U Review |
AEG UltraMix KM5540-U Review | 5

Verdict With the AEG UltraMix KM5540-U, you get a set containing virtually all the accessories you might need, including two bowls that stack in one anothe

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