83MP Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera rumored to arrive by early 2020

Since the launch of the Canon EOS R and EOS RP, there has been much speculation that another mirrorless full-frame camera is in the making for professionals. Instead, Canon has moved the focus and brought us the EOS 90D and the EOS M6 Mark II.

However, it looks like all the talk about a high-resolution mirrorless Canon snatcher with full frames is true. The online camera publication Canon News reveals details of a new patent for an 83MP image sensor.

But that's not all – one day after the announcement of the patent, Canon Rumors was sent by a source a list of specs for a mirrorless full-size camera claiming to have "had their hands on it".

Is bigger better?

According to rumors is in the possible new Canon camera, an 80-megapixel full-screen sensor in a housing that is "slightly larger" than the EOS R and RP. The handle should be larger than the two previous models without mirror.

Apparently, there are other design changes to the body: rumored that the LCD display on the back is also larger than the EOS R, along with a larger viewfinder, which is tiltable according to the source. We are somewhat skeptical about this part and it is possible that this is a real mistake and the person refers to the LCD display.

It's also supposed to be "a new style of joystick" – what the "new style" might be is currently unclear, but it definitely caught our interest. There are the usual duplicate SD card slots, but currently there are no known specifications for the video capabilities of the camera.

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If the rumors about this new camera are correct, it is very likely that Canon will replace its current arsenal of high-resolution full-screen DLSRs – the 50MP EOS 5DS and the EOS 5DS R – with the ultra-high-resolution mirrorless option.

Canon Rumors has baptized the potential new shooter EOS RS and predicts a start-up plan for the first half of 2020, given the source's claim that it is a mirrorless full-frame model – although a Japanese newspaper reported that just a few days ago Canon " introduce the top model of the mirrorless camera with a 35mm full-frame sensor in 2021 ".

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