5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019

After IFA 2019, we can go over all the announcements of one of the world's largest annual tech events. Several new phones have been announced by some of the largest companies, including Samsung, Nokia and Motorola, and a returning foldable face that we first heard of almost five months ago.

The IFA 2019 smartphones are dominated by one issue – they are all at the cheaper end of the market. That is no MWC 2019 So we did not expect new high-end devices, and those are the phones most people will buy anyway.

We looked at all the new smartphone versions IFA 2019 To decide which to look out for, you can find our final list here.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

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The Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is one of the first affordable 5G phones. That does not mean that it is so cheapbut it is certainly cheaper than many other 5G handsets.

In addition to its connectivity features, the phone has some of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy A Series real competitors in the mid-range range: it features a high-quality Super AMOLED display, a powerful 4500 mAh battery and a stunning 3-camera -Array 48MP sensor.

This is certainly a handset to watch out for in the future, especially if you want to get involved in the 5G hype without breaking the bank.

Motorola One Zoom

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019 1

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The Motorola One series of smartphones is the company's attempt to win the mid-priced segment and the latest addition is the Motorola One Zoom.

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If you pack four cameras (including a telephoto zoom lens, as the name implies), you can probably take fantastic pictures on the device. They are the main camera, an optical zoom lens, an ultra wide-angle lens and a depth sensor, so you can take pictures in different situations.

That's not all, and One Zoom offers a host of other features. It seems to be a worthy brother A vision and An actionand shows that the Motorola One series is something to take seriously.

Nokia 7.2

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019 2

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HMD Global (the current owner of the Nokia brand) has introduced two new handsets at IFA 2019. We think the Nokia 7.2 is the most impressive thanks to a major innovation.

It has a 48-megapixel camera, which is the first to be used on the back of a Nokia phone, and turns the phone from a good mid-range camera phone into a serious medium-range competitor. ,

The rest of the phone offers a mediocre selection of specifications and statistics, including a mesmerizing display and sleek design. However, it's great to see how Nokia takes its photographic sensibilities seriously.

Sony Xperia 5

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019 3

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The Sony Compact is back. Well, that's about right; meet him Sony Xperia 5,

The handset takes after the Sony Xperia 1with similar specifications and design, but while the Xperia 1 had the same size as that Xperia 10 PlusThe Xperia 5 has roughly the same dimensions as the Xperia 10That is, it is a little smaller. It's not quite as "compact" as Sony's retired Compact series, but it's certainly a better size for your pocket.

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At Trustedreviews we were pretty big fans of the Xperia 1, so it would be interesting to see how their specifications are reduced to the Xperia 5. All the success depends on the price, and for the moment we do not know what that is.

LG G8X ThinQ

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019 4

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As LG's smartphones have barely attracted interest in recent years, the company has sought to find new features that can help recapture the audience's interest. Currently, his main project is dual-screen technology.

The LG G8X ThinQ has a dual-screen attachment (as opposed to the base LG G8 ThinQbut like that LG V50 ThinQ), and it's the best use of this technology we've seen so far. In fact, it feels like you can come closest to a great foldable phone without waiting for the new technology to finally come out.

The phone as a whole is a mixed bag because the screen is not the largest and the design can be a bit bulky if you have the second-screen attachment. However, if dual-screen technology prevails, LG will certainly be at the top.

And then there is the rest …

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019 5

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While the five phones listed above are our highlights of the show, a few more have been announced that you might want to know about.

The Nokia 6.2 was released along with the larger 7.2 with reduced specifications and a corresponding price. Another phone that had a buddy is that Moto E6 Plusthat launched in the shadow of the Motorola One Zoom.

TCL had a pretty big show with a bunch of Alcatel phones, but the highlight was the amazing thing TCL Plex,

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One last notable product was that F (x) tec Pro1, If we had an award for the "worst name", this would fight for the top spot next to the new LG smartphone, but that's not a real award.

The Pro1 is a premium smartphone with a fold-out keyboard. If you miss this feature on your current device, consider the Pro1.

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