10 games that are far better on PC than on consoles

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Being on the PC can not do anything for the misanthropic, misogynistic characters of GTA, but it definitely makes them look better as they roam the unique, vast world. The GTA series started on the PC at the time of DMA Design, but when Rockstar took power, the company released GTA III on PlayStation 2 (though it followed on PC about half a year later).

The reason why the PC version is superior is that it always contains all the enhancements and bug fixes and then has an enthusiastic modding community making sure it uses the latest hardware (similar to the horrible Dark Souls PC port ). that had a fix of modders one day to run it with vague reasonable resolutions.)

GTA V is coming to the PC soon, barely two years after the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Normally Rockstar takes the time to convert any game – even though each game was first created in Windows! (We suspect that the real reason for the delay has always been to maximize console revenue and minimize the inevitable PC piracy.)

Even better than being a lot nicer on the PC, all bugs are fixed (which was not the case with GTA IV), and it will not look as horrible as GTA IV's before the seemingly endless supply of highly talented PC gamers. Users Mod engineers started with the pretty hammer.

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